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Hooray! Your family is heading for delight. April Eight Songs & Stories is a charming original fairytale podcast series for the whole family. Listen together as a lovely green world of wonder full of humble gnomes, sparkling fairies and grouchy trolls, mischievous woodland creatures and magical butterflies who are more than they appear to be, take you on adventures where everyday kids, tricky witches, lost crowns and fearless queens encounter magical potions and wondrous journeys. Giggle, laugh out loud, think a little deeper, hold your breath, smile – and get ready for your kids to ask, “Play it again!” For on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast, unexpected heroes take the day in pursuit of life’s simple truth: Love conquers all and will always find a way.

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Jun 10, 2017

Welcome to Episode 27 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s story is called “Quinn Quillow and the Blue Ribbon“. This story is a continuation of the story we started at Episode 24, Quinn Quillow, Story Catcher" a great story for your kids at bath time, bedtime, car time, and family time. 

 I'm so glad you are here, and I can't wait to tell you today's story.

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Today's story references a few characters from other stories I've told, and the most important ones are from the Jemi Series of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Here they are: Episode 1, Jemi and the Birthday Surprise, Episode 2, Jemi and the Lost Crown and Episode 3: Jemi and the Strawberry Moon. If you haven't heard those, well, it might be fun to go back and listen to them now while you listen to these stories too. 

Here is an excerpt from today's story:


And so he began… and here is the story he told:

A tale I tell, a tale I know, a tale that's never been told. But if I can tell it, it must come from somewhere. But where? We may never know. Hmmmm….

 There once was a wise old woman who lived at the top of an ancient oak tree. Now how could a person live in a tree? Well, I’m about to tell you, aren’t I?

 This oak had deep ridges in her bark that grew almost like a staircase that wound from way down at the roots and then all the way up, around and around, winding up the tree and then, there at the top, why, quite a fine spot for one table, one chair, one stove, one candle, one bed. What more could an old woman ask for? For she loved her tree and her tree loved her and that is all that matters, isn’t it? In the mornings the birds were singing in the branches, in the afternoon the old woman was comforted by the shade of the leaves and the music of the breeze rustled through the branches like a song. And in the evening the owls stopped by to inquire about her day, “Whooo whooo whooo whoo?”

Now our old woman had many friends, both up in the tree and down upon the ground as you can imagine. And one of her particular friends was a...


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